2007-2014 Jaguar XK & XKR convertible top replacement

**Don’t pay dealer prices for a replacement factory top that will fail in the same timeframe as your Factory original convertible top.**  We replace your original top with highly reputable aftermarket convertible tops.  These replacement tops are substantially less in both parts and labor than the dealer and offer a better warranty.  Do Not hesitate to contact us for pricing and availability.  Most tops can be replaced in 1 full day.  Most convertible tops we use come with a 5-6 year warranty on the topping material itself and a LIFETIME rear window bond warranty.

The first two pictures are the faulty factory tops, where the rear window seal fails.  The rest of the pictures are the aftermarket replacement tops that have a better design, and fix the flaws of the factory original design!!



2015 SuperCharged Range Rover for R&B artist Mario received the E3 touch!!

This Fresh off the lot 2015 Supercharged Range Rover for R&B artist Mario Barrett came in for our personal touch.  We laced the interior with Porsche can can Nappa red leather perforated inserts.  Matching red leather on the door panel uppers and the face of the dash.  We also provided Mario’s Range with a Full Red Alcantara Headliner.

Full Red Alcantara Nappa Red Perforated Leather Inserts

For the exterior: we had the trim pieces, upper/lower front grill and stock wheels painted gloss black.  The headlights/taillights were smoked/cleared, and removed the emblems and changed them to gloss black as well.  The windshield protects the dash with llumar air blue 80 and the rest of the windows were tinted.  The calipers were also removed and Powder coated Gloss Red to tie in with the interior.


Mario's Custom Range from E3 E3 Range for Mario

Since we are originally from the Baltimore, Maryland area, it was an added bonus to do custom project for someone from our Hometown!!

Mario & E3 Team

Does your convertible top need to be replaced? 954.973.4511 or e3upholstery@gmail.com for a free estimate.

We only use the best products in the market for convertible top replacement.  Whether its a classic car, your daily driver, weekend toy, etc. We can replace your convertible top.  At E3 Upholstery, we work on all years, makes and models.  Toyota, Porsche, Ford, Audi, VW, Chrysler, Honda, Jaguar, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Chevrolet, etc.

Feel free to call 954.973.4511 or email us at e3upholstery@gmail.com for a free estimate.  If you would like to swing by to check us out and have an onsite estimate, that works as well.  We are located in Pompano Beach, FL.  Just north of Sample Road, off Powerline Road.  4100 N Powerline Rd, Ste E3.  Our hours are M-F 9:00a – 5:00p

Most tops can be completed in 1 full day, so you don’t have to worry about rental cars or being without your vehicle for too long.

**Most convertible top replacements come with a 6-year warranty for material defects and workmanship and a LIFETIME Warranty on the Window Bond, if the replacement top is glass.**

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


Eric & Matt

Toyota Solara 1995 Porsche 911 Ford Mustang Chevy Impala


It’s Convertible Top Season! Need to Replace or Repair your Convertible? Call or Email.

Now is the perfect time to have your convertible top replaced.  We replace your top with the best aftermarket tops in the market today, GAHH, Robbins, and Ez-On Auto Tops.  We can replace your top with either vinyl or cloth topping materials.  We specialize in convertible top replacement and can also replace the convertible top hydraulic cylinders for some makes and models.  Specifically, Ford Mustang, Chrysler Sebring, Mercedes C-Class, Mercedes SL-Class, Porsche 996s and 997s.  We can replace other faulty parts on more convertibles, these are just some of the more common ones that we deal with.

2006 Beetle Cloth Top Replacement
2006 Beetle Cloth Top Replacement

IMG_6398 IMG_6361 IMG_6232 IMG_6151 Before&After Solara


We specialize in Convertible Soft Top Replacement!!



Have a tear in your convertible top or just want to change the color??  Look no further….Call or email for an estimate.  We use top quality convertible tops that come with a great warranty.  Many of the tops we use now come with a LIFETIME Warranty on the window bond and a 6-year prorate warranty on the top itself for material defects and workmanship.  We replace soft tops for all makes and models.  Whether it’s a classic car or your daily driver, foreign or domestic, it does not matter.  We can replace your convertible top.

IMG_6038 IMG_5862 IMG_5313 IMG_4569 IMG_5942 IMG_5944 IMG_5034 IMG_5523 IMG_5439 IMG_5858 IMG_4991

Custom Interiors – 1938 Ford Truck

.Custom Bow Style Suede Headliner & Back Wall
.Custom Carpet w/ Binding
.Leather Bench
.Leather Door Panels w/ Inserts to match flow of bench
.Kick Panels to match door panels

Custom Interiors – Hummer 2004

★ Owner John Abraham
.Charcoal suede – center
.Black alligator leather – side
.Purple blue chameleon leather – piping

Want to add a Personal “Touch” to your vehicle?

How about a suede headliner?  We even offer Full Suede headliners, in which we will also wrap your pillars.

just a couple of attention grabber colors! A Classy look in a BMW 745Li.

At E3, we offer a wide variety of options.  For instance, would you like to add a little flare to your vehicle’s interior?  We can give your car that added spark you were looking for with a custom Suede headliner.  We have many colors to choose from, whether you want a classic look or if your looking to get some attention!

Maniac's wrapped dash

If your looking to take it another step further.  E3 can wrap your dash, door panels, and even your rear deck!



Mercedes-Benz SLK

SLK320 Slk320 front

In the past week, we’ve been working hard a couple of SLK’s.  The first one we worked on was a Special Edition Green SLK320.  It appeared to have water damage on the headliner of the interior.  After assessing the situation, it was determined that this SLK had a leaking hydraulic cylinder.  We replaced the bad cylinder and also installed a new headliner board and material.  Now the Top is back in perfect working order!!

IMG_0332 IMG_0334

The second SLK, we recovered the headliner and the third SLK, we had to diagnose and make a few minor adjustments to get the top to open & close properly.



If you, or anyone you know has any interior or hardtop issues with their SLK, feel free to call or drop by for a quote.

Thank you,

E3 Upholstery




BC Forged wheels


These are the BC Forged wheels.  Made in Taiwan.

Options:  That’s what we like….Correct?

With almost 50 different styles to choose from, BC Forged Wheels come Forged in both 1-piece and 2-piece styles.  They offer many variations including standard and custom colors.  You have the ability to choose the finish on the Lip, the Face, and even the Inner Barrel!!  The center cap also comes in 10 different styles!

Please feel free to stop by for more information!!

Call or Email for more details. (954)973-4511 or E3upholstery@gmail.com

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