Convertible Tops

  • Convertible Top Replacement
  • Hydraulic Replacement
  • Frame Replacement
  • ROBBINS Auto Tops
  • EZ-ON Auto Tops

It is recommended that you bring your car to us, so we can give you the best possible options. We recommend EZ-On convertible tops, as most of them have a six-year warranty on the top and a Lifetime Warranty on the window bond. The tops come in different grades of materials and many colors. We can fit your car to original or you can special order a different color. Most cars are completed the same day as scheduled. So please, visit us for your free estimate or leave a message in below!

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8 thoughts on “Convertible Tops

  1. I’m having a 2005 VW New Beetle convertible and would like to know the complete cost for replacing the roof top?uj
    Thank you

  2. Can you please advise if you can replace the back vinyl widow on my convertible top- can you replace the vinyl with a window or just change the vinyl. can you please advise the cost and how fast it can be done.
    i have a 1998 Porsche Boxter.

    thank you in advance,


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