Mercedes-Benz SLK

SLK320 Slk320 front

In the past week, we’ve been working hard a couple of SLK’s.  The first one we worked on was a Special Edition Green SLK320.  It appeared to have water damage on the headliner of the interior.  After assessing the situation, it was determined that this SLK had a leaking hydraulic cylinder.  We replaced the bad cylinder and also installed a new headliner board and material.  Now the Top is back in perfect working order!!

IMG_0332 IMG_0334

The second SLK, we recovered the headliner and the third SLK, we had to diagnose and make a few minor adjustments to get the top to open & close properly.



If you, or anyone you know has any interior or hardtop issues with their SLK, feel free to call or drop by for a quote.

Thank you,

E3 Upholstery