E3 carries several brands to enhance your ride. We offer Ksport, Airrunners, and BC racing products, e.g. Coilovers, Air Suspension, Brake Kits, Lowering Springs and Control Arms. For local customers, we give you a special offer, extra 10% OFF installation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you!
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BC Racing Coilovers (BR/ER/RAM)

BR Type
BR model is perfect for street driving and occasional road course duty.
ER Type
RAM model includes all of the great BR features and then takes it a notch higher.
RAM Type
The newest and most advanced model yet is the ER series coilover.

Ksport Coilovers

Kontrol Pro – Entry Level Street Coilover
Our most popular coilover, designed for street use.
GT Pro – Inverted Shock Track Coilver
Step up to a true competition coilover with the inverted construction of the GT Pro.
Spece AR – Inverted Shock Asphalt Rally
Ksport Rally AR Spec coilover System is designed specifically for asphalt rally competition. It features extended stroke, heavy-duty internals, and simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment.
Version RR – Road Racing Race Valving
For the more demanding enthusiast and driver, the Version RR uses race valving and more durable components.
Slide Kontrol – Competition Drift Coilover
The Slide Kontrol is the pinnacle of drift coilover performance. Inverted shocks with drift-specific valving and spring rates make this a clear choice.
Circuit Pro – Double Adjustable External Reservoirs
Ksport’s Circuit Pro coilover System provides the ultimate in adjustability for enthusiasts and professionals alike, who are wishing to have the maximum in performance and durability.
Version DR – Drag Race Spec Improve E.T./60′
The Ksport Version DR coilover system is specially engineered for drag racing applications. With proven performance on the drag strip, the Ksport Version DR system will reduce your E.T. and 60 ft times.

Ksport Air Suspension

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