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2007-2014 Jaguar XK & XKR convertible top replacement

**Don’t pay dealer prices for a replacement factory top that will fail in the same timeframe as your Factory original convertible top.**  We replace your original top with highly reputable aftermarket convertible tops.  These replacement tops are substantially less in both parts and labor than the dealer and offer a better warranty.  Do Not hesitate to contact us for pricing and availability.  Most tops can be replaced in 1 full day.  Most convertible tops we use come with a 5-6 year warranty on the topping material itself and a LIFETIME rear window bond warranty.

The first two pictures are the faulty factory tops, where the rear window seal fails.  The rest of the pictures are the aftermarket replacement tops that have a better design, and fix the flaws of the factory original design!!



We specialize in Convertible Soft Top Replacement!!



Have a tear in your convertible top or just want to change the color??  Look no further….Call or email for an estimate.  We use top quality convertible tops that come with a great warranty.  Many of the tops we use now come with a LIFETIME Warranty on the window bond and a 6-year prorate warranty on the top itself for material defects and workmanship.  We replace soft tops for all makes and models.  Whether it’s a classic car or your daily driver, foreign or domestic, it does not matter.  We can replace your convertible top.

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