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Want to add a Personal “Touch” to your vehicle?

How about a suede headliner?  We even offer Full Suede headliners, in which we will also wrap your pillars.

just a couple of attention grabber colors! A Classy look in a BMW 745Li.

At E3, we offer a wide variety of options.  For instance, would you like to add a little flare to your vehicle’s interior?  We can give your car that added spark you were looking for with a custom Suede headliner.  We have many colors to choose from, whether you want a classic look or if your looking to get some attention!

Maniac's wrapped dash

If your looking to take it another step further.  E3 can wrap your dash, door panels, and even your rear deck!



This is our logo.



Finally!!!! This is our E3 logo. The font is GoodTimes.  Orange and black is our color, it was set in very beginning.
This logo is very interesting. How did you see in this logo. Did you see a cube was pushed out or pushed in?  or Did you see a heart? It’s very interesting when people see in different way.


We love our logo. We hope you will like it too!!! come visit, we have our logo sticker for you. 🙂

Here is how we start.

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