This is our logo.



Finally!!!! This is our E3 logo. The font is GoodTimes.  Orange and black is our color, it was set in very beginning.
This logo is very interesting. How did you see in this logo. Did you see a cube was pushed out or pushed in?  or Did you see a heart? It’s very interesting when people see in different way.


We love our logo. We hope you will like it too!!! come visit, we have our logo sticker for you. 🙂

Here is how we start.


Since we got the name, this is a brainstorm in the beginning.



Try to make it simple. E3 can be read easily.



This is an idea form our name.
There is a three people’s partnership.
It’s E cube makes it bigger and stronger.

Actually this idea came out smoothly.



I made it stretch a little bit. it will be more interesting.



it was like this. After we ask some advice. Maybe swap the white and orange color.